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Product Information & Specs

Where can I find technical specifications such as dimensions, wattage, etc?

In-depth technical details on Shine can be viewed on our Technology page.

What's Shine's warranty policy?

Aurea offers a one year limited warranty. Manufacturing defects claims will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. In any case that a manufacturing defect claim is approved, a replacement item will be issued.

Please check out our Warranty page for full details.

Product Support

Do you have to use your phone and/or Bluetooth to control Shine?

The Shine Turbine does not require a phone, Bluetooth, or any other device external to itself to operate and generate power.

Does Shine need to be spinning to charge my device?

Shine does not need to be spinning or set up to charge your USB devices. However, Shine’s internal battery must have charge within its internal battery to power your personal devices while it is not operating.

How long does it take for Shine to generate enough power to charge my device?

Each personal device takes different amounts of time to fully charge based on wind speeds and the battery of the device being charged.

To better understand how long Shine will take to charge a particular device, please view our charge table on the Technology page.

What type of charging cord can I use with Shine?

Shine’s electronic circuitry has been adapted so that you can use any cord compatible with USB-A Male. This is standard for charging with most USB devices.

How do I charge Shine’s internal battery without wind?

Shine’s internal battery can be charged at home before leaving to go on a trip. To do this, plug a micro USB into Shine's micro USB in-port and plug the cord directly into a standard wall outlet.

Can I use Shine in the rain?

Shine has a weatherproof rating of IP54 which means you can use it when it’s raining.

Can I use Shine in the snow?

Shine should not be used in the snow, or in temperatures below 0°C (32°F). Sub-zero degree temperatures will prevent the internal batteries from working properly.

General Inquiries

Can I order replacement parts?

If you require replacement parts, please contact us directly at Replacement parts will be provided only if the request is in accordance with our warranty policy.

Replacement parts can also be purchased if not covered under our warranty. To purchase replacements, please contact us at

Are there other versions of Shine I can purchase?

This version of the Shine Turbine is currently the only model available on our website. If you have an inquiry about future products, please contact us through our Contact form.

I did not find the answer to my question, how can I reach you?

If you did not find your answer in our FAQ section, please fill out our Contact form below and we will be in touch!

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