Innovative Patent-Pending Design

This patent-pending technology enables Shine to reach superior turbine efficiencies while being a portable solution. Not only does this mean more power generated, but less noise and wear on the system!

Unchallenged Performance

Shine rapidly creates and stores power faster than any other handheld renewable energy source. The turbine can collect 3 phones' worth of power in an hour at maximum rated wind speeds (28 mph).

Time it Takes Shine to Produce the Power to Fully Charge Popular Devices


Strong Wind (28 mph):
20 minutes

Moderate Wind (18 mph):
1 hour 9 minutes

Gentle Breeze (8 mph):
12 hours 26 minutes


Strong Wind (28 mph):
46 minutes

Moderate Wind (18 mph):
2 hours 39 minutes

Gentle Breeze (8 mph):
28 hours 36 minutes


Strong Wind (28 mph):
28 minutes

Moderate Wind (18 mph):
1 hour 39 minutes

Gentle Breeze (8 mph):
17 hours 50 minutes

Current and Pending Certifications

Wind has a cubic relationship with power.  As wind speeds 2x, power increases 8x. 

Shine (gold) vs. other portable renewable energy products (blue). Solar and hydropower only have a linear relationship with their respective resources. As solar intensity or water speeds double, their power outputs only double.

How Shine Compares

The turbine produces the most power for the least weight compared to any other person-portable renewable charger - at a record breaking 13 W/lb! At this size, solar panels are only about 5-10% efficient. Less so if the sun is not directly above the panel, it's cloudy, it’s nighttime, or there’s dust on the panel.

A Marvel of Engineering

A: Composite Reinforced Blades

For high durability in strong winds

B: Patent-Pending Technology

Highly efficient blades folding onto aerodynamic body

C: LED Indication

Shows battery level, braking, & temperature

D: Automatic Yaw

Turbine turns itself into the wind

E: Charge Controller with MPPT

Generate the highest power from the wind

F: Built-in Battery

Rapidly self-charges with 12,000 mAh capacity

G: Dual USB Ports

Charges USB devices or internal battery

H: Sealed and Waterproof

Certified Weather Rating of IP54

I: Internal Storage Compartment

Store mount, pegs, and guy wires with ease

J: Removable Lid & Blade Hinge Tool

Lock and Unlock Shine's blade hinges within seconds

K: Generator & Heat Dissipation

Self-cools generator at high RPMs

L: Mounting Pivot Point

Balanced to point into the wind without over-turning from random gusts