Power Using Wind

The world's first smart, collapsible, wind turbine for charging phones, lights, and other USB devices.

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Recharge Under the Stars

Power electronics when solar panels won't charge and when batteries are dead.

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Fits in a Backpack

Shine's blades and mount collapse down to the size of a large water bottle.

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How Shine Works

Shine takes energy from the wind and converts it into electricity to charge any USB device, including phones, tablets, cameras, GPS, and lights. This device is simple to set up and take down. See for yourself:

  • Remove Mount

    Open the lid at the front of Shine to access the mount. 

    A small collapsible wind turbine and a person removing the mount that is enclosed inside the body of the turbine.
  • Secure Mount

    Set the mount up on a flat surface and secure the pegs into the ground. Then fasten Shine onto the top of the mount with its blades closed.

  • Extend Blades

    Once Shine is secured to the mount, open the blades.

  • Begin Charging

    Once the blades are extended, plug your device into the charging cord and begin powering.

Sustain Your Adventure Using Wind

  • Shine at the Beach

    Scenic coasts are a perfect place to use Shine due to consistent wind coming directly off the water.

  • Shine on Mountains

    Wind becomes stronger and more constant at high altitudes, so make sure to bring Shine with you when you reach the top.

  • Shine at the Cottage

    Rural locations often have power outages, which makes Shine a great solution for powering your mobile devices when this happens.

Tech Specs

Shine withstands heavy breezes and produces power in the smallest amounts of wind.

With Shine's blades collapsed and mount stowed inside its body, the device is 35cm in length and 10cm in width, allowing it to fit in or attach to any backpack. The blades extend to a 60cm diameter, and the entire device weighs 3lbs.


Shine works in 5mph to 25mph wind speeds, functions in temperatures up to 40°C, and has a splash-proof rating of IP66.


Shine's internal 8.5Ah lithium-ion battery charges any USB device within 3 hours! The charging cable gives a regulated 5V DC at up to 2A. The cord is 10ft and able to plug any standard USB 2.0 Type A cable into it.

❝ Testimonials ❞

What's your use case? Let us know!

"My wife and I did a week long backpacking trip in Newfoundland this year. This would have been perfect to bring along, the wind was always blowing!"

"I could really use this whenever my power goes out during a storm. It would be great for charging my phone!"

"I'm putting this by my dock during the summer - I always have my phone and speakers going while we hangout by the water!"

"I'm a volunteer responder for natural disasters. In emergency situations, it's all about keeping control over what you can. I can see Shine being very useful when we have to deploy." 

"I run outdoor programs and charity events all the time. Having a Shine set up on site for volunteers would be amazing!"