Shine Turbine Warranty

Aurea Technologies Inc. (“we”/”us”/”our”) offers a limited one-year warranty for the Product (as defined below) from the point of shipment if the Product is defective. The Product is considered defective if it is not working correctly for any reason other than (a) normal wear and tear of the Product; (b) accidental damage of the Product; (c) you have used the Product in a manner that does not comply with the Product’s Shine Quick Start Guide; (d) where you have made any adjustment, modification, alteration or repair that is not authorized by us; and (e) you have misused, abused or neglected the Product. We reserve the right to decide at our discretion whether a Product is defective. For clarity, if we determine that the Product is defective within one year from the point of shipment you will receive a replacement Product.

What is covered

The Shine Turbine has many components. All components of the Shine Turbine other than the rotor blades and blade hinges (the “Product”) are covered by this warranty.

Who is covered

Our limited one-year warranty for the Product is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser of the Product. An original or copy of a sales receipt is required as proof of purchase to seek coverage for the Product under this warranty.